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Content Optimisation Tips for Google

Content Optimisation Tips for Google

Y have probably spent hours searching for tips on how to get the best ranking on Google. But sometimes, it’s the little things you do that have much more weight than things like keyword density. Instead of struggling with your blogs, let’s look at a few easy, proven ways to get higher rankings on Google.

Put the Reader First

Google’s algorithm is designed to discard content that is obviously written as search engine spider bait. This means spending your time filling your pages with content that is written for robots instead of real people is a waste of time. Want a better ranking? Start writing your content with your readers in mind.

Focus on Quality

The quality of your content matters just as much as the keywords you use. Remember, a search engine is only as good as the results it returns. Google prioritizes content that is longer, written for actual people, and has actual value.

Start Utilising Google+ and Content Ownership

If you’re not using Google+, you need to be. This social site from Google not only makes it easy to improve your ranking, but you’ll be building a solid base of readers at the same time. Add in the ability to “own” content and you’ll be well on your way to ranking in the top 10.

Latent Semantic Indexing

Also known as LSI, this is the way that search engine spiders weed out the bad content from the good. Instead of picking one or two keywords and inserting them all over your article, pick related words and use them lightly throughout your text. The Google spider will analyze this content and see that the LSI words are related to the ranking keyword, which in turn increases the probability that it’s actual useful content and not keyword spam.

Instead of spending your time trying to game a system to rank better, it’s much better to do it the right way. Take the time to create high quality content, utilize social networking sites to share it and you will see a change in your rankings.

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