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Ensure your Website Looks Finished

Ensure your Website Looks Finished

Creating and updating your website takes time. As a business owner, time is very precious, so responding to customer enquiries and actually doing the work for clients does feel much more important than updating your website.

But these days, having a good website is critical for a business. Even if prospective customers do not order directly from your website, they will use your website to find out more about you and how you can help them.

If a website looks incomplete, you’re giving your visitors a negative impression of you and your business. An incomplete website can imply lazy or poor service. If you can’t look after your website, how can you be expected to look after your customers?

It might also suggest that if you’re too busy to update your website, then you’re too busy to do any more work. Which means that clients might not bother contacting you at all.


How to fix this:

With WordPress, it’s really easy to update your own website. You can edit and add new pages all of the time… so you can improve your website incrementally. For example, you can:

  • Set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day to update your website (before you start working on your client or customer orders / work).
  • Focus on the most important pages first (contact page, about page, home page and your services page).
  • Ensure that your website appears to be complete at any given time (even if you’re planning to add new pages).
  • If you’re not ready to publish a new page just yet, keep it in ‘Draft’ status until you are. This allows you to preview the page whilst you’re working on it.

I’m sure you’ll find that after a week or two, that you’re website is feeling considerably more complete!

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