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Make Your Area of Business Obvious to Your Website Visitors

Make Your Area of Business Obvious to Your Website Visitors

This might sound like a really odd mistake to make, but as business owners, we all fall into the trap of knowing our business too intimately. This deep knowledge can make it more difficult to convey to prospective customers exactly what we do. I’ve been guilty of making this mistake a few times!

A website visitor will form an opinion of you and your business within 15 seconds of landing on your website, so you need to give them plenty of clues to what your business is about when they first see your website.

These clues need to be very quick to read and see, to help form the correct opinion within those critical 15 seconds. So these clues will typically be a mixture of titles, headlines, bold text and images – i.e. the aspects of a page that someone can skimread.


How to fix this:

  • Ask friends and family members to look at the website, and ask them to summarise what you do in a couple of sentences. See if that matches your core business.
  • Remember that visitors can arrive on any page, not just the homepage. Therefore all pages need to give a strong clue to your business.
  • Avoid obscure stock images and photos. Where possible, use professional photos of your work, your clients, and you!
  • Get creative with titles and headlines – avoid boring phrases, use words that are more descriptive and grab attention:
    • “Our Garage Doors” becomes:
    • “Find your perfect garage door, fitted from just $899…”

A final thought…

Not everyone arriving at your website is one of your potential customers. So losing some of these visitors is absolutely fine.

Basically our objective is to use the right clues so that we filter our visitors into the types of individuals who become our clients and customers. That means we ‘discard’ the individuals who are not looking for us, but encourage the right individuals to engage in some way (buying something or contacting us).

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