At Strategic Media, we have used many products and services over the years and have created this page to list only the ones that we personally use and recommend.

Domain Registrar: GoDaddy

GoDaddy-250x250-v01-JPGGoDaddy is the only domain registrar we use and recommend. They also allow the registration of domain names.

Their prices are low and a whole bunch of features are included for free.

But do not use them for hosting or other services – use InMotionHosting, WP Engine or ServInt instead.

Also, avoid other domain registrars such as Crazy Domains etc. Whilst they initially look cheap, you will be paying extra for features that are free with GoDaddy.

Visit GoDaddy

Web Hosting (Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting): InMotionHosting

If you want to keep your hosting costs low, InMotionHosting is a good place to start since it has good technical support.

The plan that we recommend is the Business Class Hosting –  Power Plan which is priced from $7.99 per month.

Remember that this is not managed hosting and you are responsible for all technical updates and management of your website.

So if you like getting your hands dirty with the technical details and don’t have a lot of web traffic, then this is the plan for you.

Visit InMotionHosting

Web Hosting (Managed WordPress Hosting): WP Engine

WP Engine is Strategic Media’s favorite hosting company for WordPress installations.

They have tuned their web servers so they are lighting fast and because it is a managed service, they do lots of technical stuff for you in the background.

Their support is excellent and prices start from $29 per month for the Personal Plan.

For what they offer, this is excellent value. We strongly recommend WP Engine to all our clients.

Visit WP Engine

Web Hosting (Managed VPS and Dedicated Servers): ServInt

ServInt is the hosting company to use for larger websites that require a scalable VPS or dedicated server.

They have been in business since 1995 and were the first company to offer fully managed dedicated servers to the marketplace.

All of their servers are fully managed so you don’t need to concern yourself with any of the technical details when running a web server..

Their support is the best in the industry and prices start from $49 per month for a VPS.

We strongly recommend ServInt to clients that have more demanding requirements.

Visit ServInt

WordPress Themes: Elegant Themes

elegantthemes-divi-250x250If you are creating your own WordPress website, a great premium theme developer is Elegant Themes.

Joining Elegant Themes gives you access to more than 80+ quality themes that you can use on unlimited projects.

Their most powerful theme (and the one we recommend) is called “Divi” and is a great start for any website and also include full eCommerce integration with WooCommerce.

Visit Elegant Themes

Web Analytics in Real-Time: Clicky

clicky-250x250Whilst Google Analytics is always used for our projects, another useful Web Analytics tool is Clicky.

Clicky provides real-time web analytics data so you can track your web visitors and how they are moving through your sales funnel.

Clicky provides free and pro versions. The pro version has lots more cool features such as heatmaps.

We like using Clicky since it is a lot easier to use than Google Analytics.

Visit Clicky Web Analytics

WordPress Backup: BackupBuddy


BackupBuddy is what Strategic Media uses on all client websites to ensure automatic backups are automatically taken, stored locally and off-site.

BackupBuddy is super easy to use and very configurable.

Not only that, but restoration of backup files is easy and you can also migrate websites from one domain to another.

Protect yourself from malware and problems with theme and plugin updates.

Visit BackupBuddy

Email Delivery: SMTP2GO


If you are running a business website, to ensure email deliverability from your server, you need to use a dedicated third-party service such as SMTP2GO.

By using SMTP2GO, you can rest easy in knowing that your emails will always get to their destinations, no matter what.

You can focus on what you do best, and leave all the email handling to SMTP2GO. They are pros, and can handle any issues related to outgoing email.

It’s quite inexpensive with plans starting from only $5 per month for 2,000 emails.



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