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Responsive Websites – Do you need it?

Responsive Websites – Do you need it?

Why Is Responsive Design so Vital?

As consumers become more reliant on technology, it’s become more important than ever to ensure that the sites they are viewing look the same no matter what device they are using. Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we shop, communicate and interact with others. If your business website is not taking advantage of these opportunities in the right ways, you are definitely missing an incredible opportunity.

What Is Responsive Design?

responsivedesignSo what exactly is responsive design? To put it simply, it is a site design that will look the same on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This type of design ensures that no matter what device the end user is using, the site will display properly and be fully functional.

Why Does It Matter?

A few years ago, we simply accepted that some sites weren’t going to look as good on smaller devices. There weren’t that many people relying on smaller devices to access the Internet, so it simply wasn’t a priority to formulate your entire web design around these few. Now that millions of people are relying on smaller devices, it has become an absolute necessity to have a mobile friendly website. Smartphone and tablet users don’t have the patience to mess around with a non-compatible site, when there are so many other sites that are designed properly.

The Importance for Your Business Website

You’ve undoubtedly spent a lot of time thinking about how important mobile marketing is for your overall marketing plans. However, all of that time may be wasted if your website is not mobile-friendly. Local businesses in particular need to embrace responsive design. How many travelers are using smartphones to find hotels, restaurants and retailers? The majority are now relying on these devices and they want to find something quickly and easily.

It has never been easier to have a responsive website. Just a few years ago you would have needed two websites (one for desktop and a specific website for mobile). But now with responsive design and WordPress, one website can be viewed on all devices which really lowers your costs.

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