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Web Hosting Explained

Web Hosting Explained

Web Hosting can be confusing since you will be hearing all the buzzwords such as ‘Shared Hosting’, ‘VPS’ and ‘Dedicated Servers’ and not be sure what is the correct choice for your website.

So which type of web hosting should you choose?

If you decide on a cheapo plan, your valuable business site could lose visitors since your website page load times are too slow. You will also be penalised by Google, since Google does not send traffic to slow websites.

Conversely, If you decide on a dedicated machine to deliver your website, the monthly costs and maintenance costs could quickly blow out your budget.

Here at Strategic Media, we will always explain and supply you with the hosting options that are suitable for your business without breaking the bank or losing potential customers. Sites such as eCommerce sites which have a sole purpose to generate sales, cannot be risked on slow web servers. Countless times we have rescued clients from overloaded or unstable web servers.

Web Hosting with Strategic Media As a special deal that is only offered to clients of Strategic Media, we have built a number of Dedicated Servers that are hosted in the US (Salt Lake City) that sit right on the internet backbone.

We ensure that all the websites hosted on our servers are contained completely in RAM for speed. These servers have enormous amounts of headroom, and even if more resources are required, we upgrade the servers.

This is a fully managed service which gives our clients the power of a dedicated server, at a price point that is less than what a VPS would cost.

If you are serious about your online business, you need to host your website on a VPS or Dedicated Server. Shared hosting might be ok for casual hobbyists, but not for businesses.

To find out more about web hosting (explained in a low-tech way), watch the video below.

If you are looking to boost your business sales, we would be happy to hear from you.

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